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Perinelli Salami is owned and run by Giuseppe Perinelli together with his wife Becky Owens. Giuseppe has worked as a chef for 20 years, first in his native Rome, and then in London where he has lived for 15 years. Giuseppe has cooked at Italian restaurants in London, including one with a Michelin star, as well as gastropubs serving British-European food. In Rome he ran his family’s grocery store for several years.  

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Giuseppe learnt to cure and prepare every part of the pig in his family village in central Italy during festivity periods. Meat-curing and salami-making are his passion and hobby and he has made salami using family recipes every winter since when the conditions were right. He has attended charcuterie courses in the UK to refine his skills and grow his experience.


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Becky speaks Italian and loves Italy - its art, culture, weather and above all food, She studied at Perugia University for Foreigners and has spent most summers in the Marche region where her parents have a house and at Giuseppe's family home in Rome. Her background is writing and editing. She is helping Giuseppe market and sell the salami.

Our Salamis

Our handmade salamis and cured meats use ancient artisan methods of fermentation and air drying inspired by the Italian tradition. In 2017, Giuseppe set up a curing chamber in Penge in southeast London. Here he chops minces and marinades free range pork and other speciality meats sourced from British farms which he puts in natural sheep pork and beef casings and hangs up to dry for anything between two weeks and six months, depending on the size and type of product.

The salamis are made with shoulder of pork (and other meats) and back fat. Giuseppe uses mainly family recipes for making all his products. 

We also handmake bresaola (cured salted beef), coppa or capocollo (cured pork collar or neck end), guanciale (cured whole pig cheek) which we sell as a whole or half piece priced according to its approximate weight, and 'nduja (spicey spreading pork salami) which we sell as a whole piece for a set price. 

Our salamis are approximately 135g and 350g in size.



chilli salami

A delicious free range pork salami with a hot peppery chilli flavour running through the ribbons of pork fat and minced pork meat.  


Porcini MUSHROOM salami

The unique earthiness of the dried porcini mushroom infuses the free range pork with its rich yet delicate flavour in this Italian classic.


garlic and pepper salami

In this Italian classic, the garlic and coarsely ground black pepper are in perfect combination to enhance the flavour of the free range pork meat.


Venison and juniper salami

In a special recipe, the free range rich gamey meat is beautifully combined with the strong distinctive flavour of the cracked juniper berry.


Paprika salami

A delicious free range pork salami flavoured with hot smoky paprika that stays on the tongue after eating.


Fennel salami

An Italian classic, the toasted fennel seeds give a special aromatic flavour to this delicious free range pork salami.

apple and cider2.jpg

Apple and cider salami

In a modern twist, this free range salami classically combines pork and apple adding a fizz of dry cider.


Please get in touch if you would like to buy our products wholesale.

Our salamis are ambient and can be stored at room temperature. We recommend keeping them in an airtight container in the fridge after opening to prevent further drying, They are wrapped in light grease proof food grade paper and it is also recommended to wrap them in a breathable paper such as baking paper rather than clingfilm or plastic wrapping.

They are made using edible natural sheep pork and beef casings which can be eaten or removed before eating. The small salamis are made with sheep casings, the medium with pork casings and the large using beef casings. 

All ingredients and allergens listed and storage instructions and best before clearly labelled.

Availability of all products will depend upon the quantities in stock.



Our meat is all free range. We source it from British farms with high provenance values. Our pork is from Devon Rose, Gatcombe Farm, Seaton, Devon. The pigs, a cross between Landrace X Red Duroc sows and Hampshire X Large White boars, are fully free to roam, pure bred and reared on pasture land on the Jurassic Coast near Exmouth. Because they roam free in a natural environment they are 'happy pigs' and the highest level of animal welfare, traceability, purity and sustainability means a superior quality and taste to the meat. We also buy our free range venison from Gatcombe Farm for our venison and juniper salamis. 

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You can find our salamis and cured meats in a selection of shops, delicatessens and butchers in south London and Kent. These are:

  • The Proud Sow, Crofton Park, SE4
  • Good Food Catford, SE6
  • Drings, Greenwich, SE10
  • The Larder, Ladywell, SE13
  • Bambuni, Nunhead, SE15
  • Franklin's Farm Shop, East Dulwich, SE22
  • Aga's Little Deli, Forest Hill, SE23
  • Billings, Sydenham, SE26
  • Guzzl Club, Brixton Village, SW2
  • McFarlane's, Abbeville Village, SW4
  • M Moen & Sons, Clapham Common, SW4

We also sell through Penge and Nunhead branches of the Food Assembly, the online farmers market promoting sales from local producers and farmers www.thefoodassembly.com.

Our products can be consumed at:

  • Bottle Bar and Shop, Catford, SE6
  • 161 Kirkdale, Sydenham, SE26

the proud sow

The Proud Sow is a local independent butchers in Crofton Park that specialises in free range English meat. It has been a butchers ever since 1908 - making it one of southeast London's oldest. Oliver Khaldi is butcher in residence dedicated to the longstanding traditions of the trade and t0 delivering quality traceable English meat and a great service.

Good Food Catford ii.jpg

Good Food catford

Good Food was founded by Vicky Skingley in 2015 and is independent and crowdfunded by 350 local residents and businesses. There was a real hunger for a better local shopping experience and the shop has successfully met that need stocked full of amazing local organic quality producers and ranges. Not for profit, all the money is reinvested in the business and goes to paying the London Living Wage and improving the service.



Bambuni is the delightful wine and grocery deli on Nunhead Green run by owner Huey Murray whose mission it is to source the best most local and freshest produce. He stocks more than 50 cheeses, nearly 100 craft beers, wines, spirits, and of course delicious home-grown charcuterie. You can either sample his wares on the premises or take away.


Where we will be when...

We are at farmers markets mostly in southeast London but also in north London. We will be at:- 

  • Oval Farmers Market 10am - 3pm every first third and fifth Saturday of the month.
  • Alexandra Palace Farmers Market 10am - 3pm every first third and fifth Sunday of the month.
  • Horniman Farmers Market 9am - 1.30pm every second and fourth Saturday of the month.
  • Brixton Farmers Market 9.30am - 2pm one Sunday a month check social media. 

We are posting regularly on Instagram Twitter and Facebook about where we will be and when. Please follow us and come and see us at the markets and look for our product in the shops.


Perinelli HQ


Franklin Industrial Estate

Unit D1

20 Franklin Road


SE20 8HW, UK


Contact us

If you would like to discuss an order with us, how we could supply your shop or market, or just to have a chat about our salamis and cured meats, please get in touch by using the form here.

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